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Turning Youth Around
CCMO-Center for Youth and Families is partnering with Hamtramck High School and Central Collegiate Academy of the Education Achievement Authority (EAA), local law enforcement, community partnerships and parents to improve attendance and behavior in our schools. The program is called "Center For Youth & Families 180."

It is vitally important that families be involved in the process. Parents are encouraged to understand the program by speaking with the Program Supervisor to learn how it works and what to expect from the program.

CYF 180 Overview
The program involve setting aside a space in the school where students who have been referred by a School Administrator for violating school code of conduct policies can be carefully monitored. When a student is referred to the program, an assessment is made and a CYF Youth Advocate will coordinate, monitor and advocate for all the services and community resources necessary to help the student and their family.

The CYF Program
The staff members, including the supervisor and youth advocates within in the various school. They provide life skills and restorative practices group sessions, tutoring, conflict resolution skills, college and career readiness, and academic remediation. They may also set up individual meetings, team meetings, or referrals to other community resources for student to participate with.

In-School Suspension/Intervention Room
As a part of the Center For Youth & Families 180 school based program, an in-school suspension room (ISS) staffed by a Youth Advocates and a Supervisor will serve as an alternative to out-of-school suspensions. ISS can help reduce the effects suspensions can have on the dropout rate by providing a disciplinary consequence within the learning environment. Students still have access to their required coursework, teacher input, and adult guidance to make continuous academic progress. The goal is for students to return to the classroom as quickly as possible.

The ISS room is equipped with computers that are connected to the internet so that the students may continue with their school work. This provides an opportunity for students to remain on track academically although they are isolated from the learning environment of the regular classroom. The Teacher can also review individual work progress via internet access and assist Students in making academic improvements during their in-school suspension.

Summer Enrichment
During the summer break, Youth Advocates will reach out to students in an effort to provide summer enrichments to them. This outreach will familiarize students with the CYF-180 school based programs that are provided in each of the selected school