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Substance Abuse Prevention

CCMO-Center for Youth & Families (CYF) offers substance abuse prevention services to individuals ages 11 and up. The program is intended to reduce the consequences of substance use disorders by preventing or delaying the onset of use, and by reducing the progression of substance use disorders in individuals.

Center for Youth & Families uses a two-pronged approach to substance abuse prevention: Life Skills and Parent Cafe. Life Skills is an exciting new approach to substance abuse prevention that is designed to focus primarily on the major social and psychological factors that promote substance use/abuse and includes modules for violence prevention. The Life Skills program meets once a week (90 minutes) for 12-weeks.

The Parent Cafe model is a unique approach to teaching parents protective factors in a small group setting that is facilitated by another parent. The Parent Cafe model is based upon the World Cafe model and its seven principles, and meets twice a week (90 minutes) for 12-weeks.

"We look forward to serving the leaders of tomorrow."

Youth Assistance Program

The Youth Assistance Program (YAP) is designed to provide quality prevention and early intervention programs for young people who are at risk of being adjudicated through the courts or who are experiencing academic difficulty in school.

Program Overview

Center for Youth and Families (CYF) Director, YAP counselors and staff members will coordinate, home visits for each youth and his/her family for participants during each 12-week cycle of the program. The staff will provide individual meetings, group sessions, team meetings, referrals to other community resources, and tutorial services. The YAP Program is a 12-week program that provides the following services:
  • In-home Services
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Sessions
  • Tutoring
  • Referrals for Pro social Activities
  • Transportation
  • Specific Assistance
Restorative Justice Approach is a conflict resolution technique based on what is call "Restorative Justice" and Restorative Justice teaches young offenders to take accountability for their action, how to resolve conflicts through facilitated meetings with victims, and both parties' family and friends. Participants are encouraged to deal with the consequences of the harm they have caused and to decide how to repair it. Victims have an opportunity to express their feelings, ask questions and have a say in the outcome of the process. Offenders hear how they have affected people. They can apologize, make amends and agree to financial restitution or community service work .They are held accountable, learn about human consequences and,at the same time, they can be restored back into their community and school as citizens in good standing.


For youth to be eligible to enter the Youth Assistance Program they must be between 7-17 years of age and faced with the challenges defined below:
  • Youth who have been assigned to the Third Circuit Judicial Court - Family Divison's Informal Docket; pursuant to MCL 722.825(1); msa 25-243(55)(1)
  • Correct Course Youth - Youth who have been referred to the program by the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office and Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC).
  • At-Risk Youth - Juveniles not older than 16 years and no younger than 7 years old, as defined in the Wayne County Ordinance 96-86 [Revised] 2- 16-96.
  • Youth Serviced by Center for Youth and Families live in the following zip codes: 48201, 48202, 48203, 48206, 48207, 48212, 48226, 48221, 48234, 48235.
Day/Hours of Operation

YAP services are provided 5 days a week.

Referral Sources
  • Diversion Referrals
    • Court Room
    • Prosecutor
    • Detroit Police Department
  • Community Referrals
    • Parent/Guardian
    • Youth Assistant Staff
    • High Schools
    • Churches
    • Youth Groups
    • Block Club Associations
  • Youth Community At Risk
    • Youth Assistant Staff
YAP - For the development of our children, our youth. To empower our leaders and our future.